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1. Sadiković E. (2012): Characteristics of educators and acceptance of inclusive education, theory and practice of early education - Zenica (scientific - technical conference with international participation)

2. Sadiković E.; Ćatović A. (2011): The impact of psychological factors on the job satisfaction of employees in agricultural enterprises, Scientific conference with international participation Agrobiz-2011, University of Novi Pazar

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13. Doc.dr. Emina Sadiković, psiholog – Doc.dr. Refik Sadiković, lingvista: Psihološki činioci prihvatanja inovacija vezanih za inkluzivno obrazovanje. Zbornik radova sa naučnog skupa: “Vaspitač u 21. Veku”. Sokobanja, 2014.


* from 2002 to 2004 - teacher in preschool and professor of psychology in high school

* from 2004 to 2013 - school psychologist and university professor of psychological disciplines

* from 2013 to 20.. – university professor of psychological disciplins at the Trakya university in Turkiye




* President of "Healthy society",

* Vice president of the Association of women "MARYAM",

* Board member of the Teachers' ASSOCIATION OF Novi Pazar

Professional Experience

* Experience in planning and implementing teacher education / training programs

* Skills and experience in supervising and mentoring

* Good understanding of student centred and individualized approach in teaching practice

* Good understanding of various ways of student assessment

* Understanding challenges in teaching profession in Serbia

* Understanding main characteristics of teaching and teacher competences in an outcomesand competence- based curriculum environment

* Appreciation and respect for teachers and teaching profession

* Participation in international teacher education and/or professional development programs will be an asset

* Teacher education and / or training

* Knowledge in constructivist theories of learning

* Understanding cross-curricular student competences

* Good understanding of School Development and School Self-evaluation

* Capacity to link system changes to changes in teaching practices

* Recognition the need to/for change in teaching profession and in teacher education

* Participation in programs aimed at upgrading general /cross-curricular / transversal teaching

* competencies

* Ability to deal with and handle conflicts and conflict situations

* Experience in preparing and tailoring teaching and learning materials

* Experience in cooperating with higher education institutions involved in teacher education 
* will be an asset

* Reporting

* The Expert shall draw up reports and documents in accordance

* Experience in Becan Balkan studies - researcher for Raška district

* Experience in working on the project "Strengthening schools for inclusive education"

* Performed in a number of television - broadcast and wrote numerous articles for various educational journals Published a number of papers in scientific journals and national and international

* Attended scientific conferences at home and abroad

* Attended a number of seminars on the profession, communication skills, inclusive education,

* vocational guidance, active teaching

Attendance of courses and seminars

1. Interculturalism and Inclusion - a challenge for the school – required

2 .Vocational guidance in the transition to high school

3. Mentoring in the implementation of programs of vocational guidance

4. Teacher training workshop for the implementation ways of working with children – mandatory

5. Forms of internal communication

6. Training of teachers in addressing development issues and problems of children and students who have difficulty in progressing

7. Expert panels teachers: School of tailor each child, the "all in school, the future for everyone"

8. Enhanced educational work with students in elementary school – elective

9. Attention deficit and hyperactivity in children – mandatory

10. Inclusive Education and Individual Education Plan – required

11. Inclusive education - strategies and actions to adapt instruction for children with disabilities and gifted children – mandatory

12. Inclusive education - planning and individual education plans

13. Cooperation between teachers within the school - the focus group

14. Project Citizen

15. Expert forums - teacher talks about teachers

16. The right to education in their native language and intercultural relations in the education of national

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