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  • Sahbaz, Y.; Nguyen, T. H.; Ford, L.; McEvoy, C. L.; Williams, H. D.; Scammells, P. J.; Porter, C. J. Ionic Liquid Forms of Weakly Acidic Drugs in Oral Lipid Formulations: Preparation, Characterization, in Vitro Digestion, and in Vivo Absorption Studies. Molecular Pharmaceutics 2017, DOI: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.7b00442. (Eylül 2017)
  • Sahbaz, Y.; Williams, H. D.; Nguyen, T. H.; Saunders, J.; Ford, L.; Charman, S. A.; Scammells, P. J.; Porter, C. J. Transformation of poorly water-soluble drugs into lipophilic ionic liquids enhances oral drug exposure from lipid based formulations. Molecular Pharmaceutics 2015, 12, (6), 1980-91.
  • Williams, H. D.; Sahbaz, Y.; Ford, L.; Nguyen, T. H.; Scammells, P. J.; Porter, C. J. H. Ionic liquids provide unique opportunities for oral drug delivery: structure optimization and in vivo evidence of utility. Chemical Communications 2014, 50, (14), 1688-1690.


  • Uluslararası Patent 'Compositions and preparation methods of low melting ionic salts of poorly- water soluble drugs'